State College

Nov 02, 2018

Friendsgiving Festivities

Friendsgiving: The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with friends.
Whether you can’t make it home for the holiday or you just want to host a Thanksgiving dinner with your besties, Friendsgivings can be a blast!
Tips for Hosting a Stellar Friendsgiving:
1- Host makes the Turkey...

Oct 11, 2018

The Homecoming Tradition

The Fall is a memorable season across college campuses because of HOMECOMING. While rivalries may run deep, we are all united under the umbrella of a weekend full of tradition and celebration. It is a time of shared experiences with current, past, and future students, and their families. The...

Sep 05, 2018

Get Involved This Semester!

The summer is over and you are headed back to class. While you are settling in this semester, it is a great time to get involved with your student organizations and explore campus! From movie showings to Greek life, there are countless ways to get you connected with fellow students to have the...